Me, Babette de Koning, born and raised in The Netherlands and based in Amsterdam since 2014. I started my modeling career with Elite Model Look in 2007 but I decided to study first and I did commercial modeling as a part-time job.

I studied marketing and specialized myself  in international marketing/cross culture business. I graduated with a bachelor of business administrations (BBA) in June 2016. My thesis was granted 9/10. With a lot of pleasure I have written an international marketing report towards Germany for a management consultancy (focus on change management/accountability). 

Although I would love to work in the marketing field, I decided for the time being doing modeling full time and live in and travel to as much cities/countries.
One day, I will decide to express all my international/cultural experience within a beautiful marketing function, somewhere on this amazing planet.       


Height                         1.80m                    
EU size                        38                   
Bust                             89 cm                        
Waist                           69 cm                          
Hips                             98 cm                    
Shoe size                    41  
Underwear                  75 C                          
Hair colour                  Dark blond               
Eye colour                   Brown                      
Nationality                  Dutch            
Year of birth               1993  (24y)

update: 30th of January 2018

Based locations 2017

January            Cape Town -- D&A Model Management
February           Cape Town -- D&A Model Management
March                Cape Town -- D&A Model Management
April                   Europe / Amsterdam
May                    Europe / Amsterdam
June                   Europe / Amsterdam
July                     Europe / Amsterdam
August                Europe / Amsterdam
September         Europe / Amsterdam 
Oktober             Cape Town -- D&A Model Management
November         Cape Town -- D&A Model Management
December         Cape Town  -- D&A Model Management

Based locations 2018

January             Cape Town -- D&A Model Management
February           Cape Town -- D&A Model Management 
March                Cape Town -- D&A Model Management

March               Melbourne, Australia
April                  Melbourne, Australia
Later 2018        Sydney, Australia
                          Byron Bay, Australia
                          Gold Coast, Australia
                          Brisbane, Australia

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